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    Top Productivity Apps For 2023!
    Hello, beloved vivoicers.Productivity, is the measure of output per unit of input, such as labor, capital, or any other resource. It is often calculated for the economy as a ratio of end product to hours worked.Many people consider time management te
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    Would You Rather?
    Hello, beloved vivoicers.How's the weekend turning out for you guys. We hope you are achieving whatever you intended to be it a serene weekend by yourself or a fun famil getway with your loved ones.To make things a little crispier we are back with an
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    22hrs ago
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    Mega Smartphone Usage Survey 2023: Poll 4!
    Hello, vivoicers.We are hosting a "Mega Smartphone Usage Survey 2023". We would like to invite you all to participate & share with us how frequently you use your smartphone and which are some of the most used features/apps.We are here with our next q
    How Often Do You Use Social Media Daily?
    3 -4 time
    4 - 5 times
    2 - 3 time
    Once everyday
    More than 10 times a day
    Single choice . Deadline: 2023-02-28 00:00:59
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    1day ago
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    Contest Alert: An exclusive Photowalk with vivoxplorers
    Hello, vivoicers. Attention, all shutterbugs! It's your chance to be a part of this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing photowalk!Get a chance to show your passion & learn new photography skills. Come and be a part of an exclusive photowalk to be hosted by our vi
    97 6 6
    1day ago
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    Best Android Games in 2023
    Hello, vivoicers. When we look at some of the best mobile gaming experiences, these are amongst the top games that emerge in our list. Among UsAmong Us has been one of the most popular games that has you and your fellow astronaut friends working toge
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    01-31 16:23
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    What's on your watchlist tonight?
    Watching movies or a series can be fun, especially when you watch it with your friends/family! So, what's on your watchlist tonight? A scary movie, a suspense thriller, a murder mystery, comedy or romance?Tell us which are your all time favorite movi
    256 3 20
    01-29 18:04
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    Use your smartphone to get fit
    Hello. vivoicers,It's easy to just download a fitness app on your smartphone, but have you ever wondered how you use it, really matters? 6 ways how you can get the most from your smartphone to become fit. Do More, appointments: Instead of just getti
    366 7 32
    01-27 12:29
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    Poll: What comes first when it comes to buying a smartphone?
    Hello, vivoicers. We all have different preferences when it comes to buying a smartphone, while certain aspects may be common. We would like to understand from you which are the most important factors for you when buying a smartphone. Take this poll
    What comes first when it comes to buying a smartphone?
    Battery Durability
    Availability of Sizes
    Ease of use
    After Sales Service
    Multiple choice . Deadline: 2023-02-26 00:00:59
    987 14 19
    01-26 17:33
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    Happy 74th Republic Day!
    Jai Hind. vivoicers, Wishing you all a very Happy 74th Republic Day! Let us celebrate the freedom of thought, strength in our convictions and pride in our heritage on this day. As we celebrate a day of pride for every Indian, we salute our brave mart
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    01-26 13:18
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    Shot on vivo X80 Series, worth a million conversations!
    Hello lovely vivoicers,We are excited to bring to you a special collection of some of the amazing photos captured by our vivoxplorers! Each one of them narrates a story and some of these scenes are just mind blowing! Have a look and let us know your
    987 9 37
    01-24 19:56