Love night photography? Show us your best shots!
    vivo IndiaOfficial

    09-25 10:55

    vivoicers, night photography is an art. And you, the artist.

    Some artists find their muse in the raw honesty and emotions a face possess in the darkest hours of the night.

    For others, their subject is not a person, but a feeling. Markets that come alive as the sun sets. Parties that blaze on as the world sleeps. Stars that light up the night sky.

    But every artist, needs a little help to create their masterpieces. That's why the vivo X90 comes with a 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera to help you capture Xtreme night videos and shots that defy all expectations.

    Go out there and get clicking because no matter what your lens captures in the moonlight, we want to see the night through your eyes. So share your best night shots with us in the vivo Imagine Smartphone Photography Awards.

    Submit your photographs at

    The last date to participate is 25th September, so hurry!

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