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    Mobile games we grew up on
    vivo IndiaOfficial

    2023-09-24 10:21

    There was nothing quite like coming home after a long day at school and playing mobile games on your mother's phone while she yells at you for not finishing lunch instead. Your mom would be really mad at you but beating your own high score on the Snakes game will feel so worth it.

    Prepare to relive the moments. Here are some popular mobile games that scream childhood nostalgia.

    1. Subway Surfers: A classic endless runner game with obstacles that get more challenging as you keep running.

    2. Temple Run: If there was a show of hands for everyone that's played Temple Run, the world would look like a Taylor Swift concert. Another classic fast-paced game that rewards reflexes.

    3. Jetpack Joyride: Suit up with the coolest backpacks ever because we're going on a ride. This simple yet fun game stars a lovable protagonist that's on an adventure. Hard not to love this one.

    4. Angry Birds: 1 addictive game. 200 funky chickens. Hours and hours of fun. This game was so hit, they made a movie franchise based on it but you knew that already.

    vivoicers, which among these mobile games was your childhood favourite? Share with us.