Love capturing culture through your lens? Read on!
    vivo IndiaOfficial

    2023-09-23 16:18

    For all those of you who love photographing culture, you know it to be the richest and most rewarding experience, as it allows you to capture the essence of a particular place, people, or tradition.

    But while capturing these moments from other's lives, here are some tips to ensure you do justice to your subject.

    Tip 1: Before you get started, research and understand the culture you're going to be photographing. Understanding everything from the history behind customs and traditions to the significance of symbols or events will help you capture meaningful and relevant photos.

    Tip 2: Don't just start clicking! When you encounter a person or culture you want to capture, build respect and trust. Building trust with your subjects can lead to more authentic and intimate photographs.

    Tip 3: Edit with respect! Avoid over-processing or altering images in a way that misrepresents the subject matter or misleads viewers.

    You're ready, vivoicers. Go out and capture your masterpiece and submit your favourite shots to the vivo Imagine Smartphone Photography Awards'23 at

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